1. Photo session

    Hello. We had a photo session today which was fun. We’re going to play the new songs soon. Waves drawn by @mitaonpunk.

  2. Sveriges Radio P4

    I was talking on Sveriges Radio P4 this morning. The interview is about my music, influences and recording technique etc. I also got to choose the music for the program, so I chose three songs of artists that have inspired me, one of them is my longtime favourite @lali.puna. The interview is in Finnish, so if anyone wants to hear some questions and answers translated to English, I can write a transcription. You can check the program here:

  3. Test press vinyls arrived this past week

    Test press on my main recorder Tascam 388
    Polaroid version
  4. Mastering done

    Listening to the final masters of the new album. The mastering engineer is @RedRedPaw aka Antony of the great IDM gods Isan and I love the result! Album will be released on @morrmusic Really stoked to release it

  5. Sveriges Radio

    Did an interview for Sveriges Radio about the new album, my recording equipment, musical influences etc. It will be aired next year.

  6. Final mixing done

    It only took two years.. (of super hard work and constant stress to finish the album). But now I am content with the result. The final mixes are finally rolling through the tape recorder!

  7. Last song done

    Got the last song together after trying to figure it out for weeks. Almost threw it away in the process, but I didn’t want to do that because I like it. It turned out to be one of my favourites. So the album is done now, just a little final mixing on all the songs is all that’s left.

  8. New album coming

    I haven’t posted about my music in a while, but I have been working daily on the new album. It has taken longer than I expected to finish it as some songs needed to be rewritten and rearranged a bit. But I am close to getting everything together. Hoping to release a couple of singles later this year.

    Thanks to everyone who supports.

  9. Wall Of Blue Sky 7″

  10. Shaka 🤙🏽 New music coming soon.

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