1. Kulturní magazín UNI review

    “The deliberate lo-fi tone of the guitar lines and vocal will lead Haleiwa to freakfolk waters once, while massive analog electronics will bring a distinctive gust of eighty inspiration to Singh’s third solo album” “…the follower of the Styrofoam legacy or the Acher brothers’ series (from Lali Puna to Ms. John Soda) sounds more than promising”. New Cloud Formations review by Czech Kulturní Magazín UNI. Read the full review in Czech here.

  2. Groove magazin

    “The retro sound of Mikko Singh aka Haleiwa from Stockholm is really pretty stale and yet so pleasantly contemporary. Cloud Formation (Morr) is a super-likeable blend of very late and definitely not minimalistic Dark Wave and Shoegaze”. Nice Cloud Formations review by Groove Magazin.

  3. More records

    Cloud Formations at More Records in Japan.

  4. Rockerilla review

    “Suitably presented as a shoegaze beach album. Cloud Formations confirms the oxymoron in a gallery of Balearic postcards, which also maintains the anchoring in an oblique pop lexicon very evident, interpreted with dreamy lightness and taste of experimentation. SUNBATHING POP-WAVE”. Great review by ROCKERILLA!

  5. Radio RapTz

    “Crossroads” was aired on the French Radio RapTz, big thanks! Haleiwa will play live on August 8th in Snotty Seaside in Stockholm so be sure no to miss it!

    Tracklisting “Ze mix”, Radio RapTz, 12th July (12-1PM)

    Farai National Gangsters (Lyzza Remix)
    91Drama Silver Smashing
    Drahla Gilded Cloud
    Surfbort Billy
    Heavy Lungs Jealous
    Asthmatic Astronaut Hello Sunshine
    Beak> We Can Go
    Haleiwa Crossroads
    Is Bliss Belong
    Thank Think Less
    Black Midi 953
    Meursault Jenifer
    Temple Of Angels Breathless
    Hide Mommy
    Delicate Boys Big Shot
    Death Bells Life Stands Still
    Salami Rose Joe Louis Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)

  6. Album of the week

    “…he delights us with kraut and a kind of lo-fi that makes you relax and listen”. “He tried a lot: punk or indie, he did not shy away from anything, but now he gets stuck in a smoky-melancholic lo-fi sound with elements of kraut. That’s how Cloud Formations is designed, with little vocals, but many sounds make the listener drift off into a cloudscape into which one can dive and sink. Psychedelic and intimate is his third album, which has convinced our music editor this week. Surf the clouds with Mikko Singh and enjoy the melancholy!”.
    Thanks for the nice review Campusradio Jena!

  7. “My sunlight’s blocked/My ears are locked/One step forward and two steps back/Trying to feel good but I’m misunderstood/As always/It’s foggy again/Inside my head/Like most days” – ‘Foggy’, Cloud Formations.

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