1. “Low Heaven” is out!

    ”Low Heaven” is finally out today on all platforms, along with a video by Thorarinn Johannsson! I couldn’t have done it without the always amazing Svante Karlsson who played all the drums on the new album. Mastering by Antony Ryan of Isan aka @redredpaw

    The album ”Hallway Waverider” will be released 25/11, pre-orders are available.

    ”Low Heaven” took a long time for me to figure out. I had to try making many different versions of the song before I finally got the right one. As I was recording with the Tascam 244 4-track I mentioned earlier, I started diving deeper into analog recording and became very hyped to get a Tascam 388 8-track reel to reel recorder. I had to struggle a lot to get one because they’re very rare, big, heavy and most of all expensive 80’s recorders. 

    In August 2020 I saw one on an internet auction and placed the highest bid on it. I was super happy because I was sure I was going to get it but in the last five seconds of the auction, someone placed a higher bid so I didn’t have a chance to place more bids. I was pretty devastated by that because I really felt that I needed it to record the new album with. So I started looking for a Tascam 388 even more intensely all over the internet. At one point I was so desperate that I was close to ship a Tascam 388 from the States via eBay, which would have been a risky thing to do with the freight of the fragile machine. But in September 2020 a guy wrote back to me on the internet forum regarding a Tascam 388 that he wanted to sell here in Stockholm. I bought it right away and was so stoked. It was dysfunctional though, so I started reading on internet forums on how to fix it, and I actually managed to fix the recorder, and after that I started recording on it, and it really met my expectations about the overall sound. 

    So what you hear on ”Low Heaven” is the result of all individual sounds processed through Tascam 388 and in many cases sounds processed through both Tascam 388 and Tascam 244. Anyway, hope you like it!

    Listen on Spotify

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  2. “Low Heaven” out tomorrow!

    Can’t wait until tomorrow when I get to share my new song “Low Heaven” with you. I worked on this tune for a loong time by using tape recorders. Will tell you more about that tomorrow! Until then, you can hear a couple of seconds of it at

  3. Analog recording gear

    While making the new album, I’ve become obsessed of using analog recording gear. It started with me wanting to buy an old cassette 4-track, a Tascam 244, in Dec 2019. So I called this guy who was selling one and he said it was it was in perfect working condition.

    I went to the address and rang the bell. A man in his 60’s opened and a huge scary dog ran towards me. ”The dog is kind” said the man, and I entered the apartment that was a kind of mancave filled with a lot of stuff everywhere. In the living room sat a younger man with a pale face, drinking an energy drink, it was the seller’s son. They were both very friendly. The dog was under a table and it was calm just like the guy said.

    So we looked at the Tascam 244. I was stoked to see it for the first time, that thing looked cool! The man attempted to demonstrate the working condition of it, and pressed play and a button fell off it. It didn’t play the tape. I said ”You said it was working”. He said that the machine is old and the rubber parts needed to be replaced. So I got discount and bought it, left it to a technician and I received it back in working condition. That was the beginning of the making of the new album.

    I will till you more about the album and the process of making it in a bit.

    Waves drawn by @mitaonpunk. Photo by @seanycinco

  4. New single this friday!

    A new single will drop this friday along with a music video by Thorarinn Johannsson. #morrmusic
  5. #TBT Helsinki 2019

    Helsinki 2019 was fun. New live shows coming up soon.

  6. Skateboarding from 2018-2019

    Skateboarding from the winter 2018-2019, filmed by Roberto Blanco. I was working on “Cloud Formations” at this time and I remember listening to the unfinished version of “Swell before going to the garage to skate.
  7. Photo by Sean Christiansen.

  8. Crossroads #tbt

    Shining some light on “Crossroads” from 2019, one of my favourite songs from that album. Johan Nordlund played the drums. Video by Alex McLaren, portrait filming for the video by José Barrios Sotillo.

    #tbt #morrmusic

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