1. Show cancelled, new recordings

    Still shot by Maderaphotography from our show at Larry’s Corner last year. We miss playing live! Kinda sucks to not be able to. The show at Bongo Bar 13/6 is cancelled. But I am recording new songs. Most recordings go into the dumpster after a couple of days but some are becoming candidates for being on the next album. Takes time to make music that I like for more than a week. But for me, writing music is about trial and error and to try all of your ideas. Eventually some good ideas will come by. #tb#live#recordingmusic#morrmusic

  2. Bandcamp day

    Today Bandcamp is once again giving away their share from all sales directly to labels and artists. So today is a good day to shop around at the @morr_music Bandcamp page. Photo by @mkel_t

  3. Bandcamp support

    Today Bandcamp is supporting artists and labels by giving their share of all sales to the artists and labels which means that all of the money goes directly to the people making and releasing music. Do you have the Cloud Formations vinyl record? Check out the Morr Music Bandcamp page for some good releases. Thanks for the support and thanks for listening. Stay safe all.

  4. Update

    A new album is in the works! We are playing at Bongo Bar in Stockholm 13/6, don’t miss, maybe you can hear some new stuff.. Photo by Maderaphotography.

  5. 2019

    2019 has been a good year for Haleiwa. Highlights have been the release of Cloud Formations on @morr_music, a label I have followed since like 2003 (when I first heard Lali Puna), meeting the awesome people and musicians @swantthing@basslass and @chillboychili and playing live in Stockholm and Helsinki. I am currently recording a new album and I am also remixing some old stuff. Thanks to everyone who has supported Haleiwa and to everyone who is listening ??❤️

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