1. Update

    A new album is in the works! We are playing at Bongo Bar in Stockholm 13/6, don’t miss, maybe you can hear some new stuff.. Photo by Maderaphotography.

  2. 2019

    2019 has been a good year for Haleiwa. Highlights have been the release of Cloud Formations on @morr_music, a label I have followed since like 2003 (when I first heard Lali Puna), meeting the awesome people and musicians @swantthing@basslass and @chillboychili and playing live in Stockholm and Helsinki. I am currently recording a new album and I am also remixing some old stuff. Thanks to everyone who has supported Haleiwa and to everyone who is listening ??❤️

  3. Helsinki gig 29/11 2019

    We are heading over to Helsinki 29/11 to play at Lepakkomies together with the great bands Meal and Phogg. Poster by Atte Nykänen.

  4. SAVANT Musikmagasin

    “…en hoppfull fusion av svävande shoegaze och psykedelisk krautrock”. “Vi vill uppmärksamma det här kreativa albumet och låten “HKI -97” som gått på repeat på redaktionen”.

    Big thanks to SAVANT Musikmagasin for the kind words on ‘Cloud Formations’. 

  5. Current Listening on Spotify

    Made a playlist with music I am listening to right now. Stuff from garage rock to dream pop, kraut, lo-fi and electronic music – shortly put, just good music. I will update the playlist regularly.

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