Analog recording gear

While making the new album, I’ve become obsessed of using analog recording gear. It started with me wanting to buy an old cassette 4-track, a Tascam 244, in Dec 2019. So I called this guy who was selling one and he said it was it was in perfect working condition.

I went to the address and rang the bell. A man in his 60’s opened and a huge scary dog ran towards me. ”The dog is kind” said the man, and I entered the apartment that was a kind of mancave filled with a lot of stuff everywhere. In the living room sat a younger man with a pale face, drinking an energy drink, it was the seller’s son. They were both very friendly. The dog was under a table and it was calm just like the guy said.

So we looked at the Tascam 244. I was stoked to see it for the first time, that thing looked cool! The man attempted to demonstrate the working condition of it, and pressed play and a button fell off it. It didn’t play the tape. I said ”You said it was working”. He said that the machine is old and the rubber parts needed to be replaced. So I got discount and bought it, left it to a technician and I received it back in working condition. That was the beginning of the making of the new album.

I will till you more about the album and the process of making it in a bit.

Waves drawn by @mitaonpunk. Photo by @seanycinco