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  1. Neølyd review

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    The German Neølyd – Magazin für Popkultur has written an awesome review of Hallway Waverider.

    “A teenaged Mikko Singh would probably have thrown his hands over his head hearing the sound aesthetic his adult self produces these days under the Haleiwa moniker. For Singh, his new album Hallway Waverider is sort of a message to his teenage self”. – Google translate from German.

    Read the full review HERE.

  2. Album release day!

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    Yes the album is out now! It took like two years to make because I was constantly reworking the songs and making new versions of them. Also, it took a while to process everything through my recording equipment while experimenting with the sounds. The lyrics took a while too. They range from feeling low to feeling high, surfing as a metaphor, climate change or more precisely the mentality we humans tend to have to just not care about it (Hide Away).

    I couldn’t have done it without the awesome @swantthing who played the drums on all tracks. I also want to shout out to the live band who besides Svante is @laser_valley and @chillboychili Gigs coming up in January!

    Album artwork by Julia Guther at @studio_workshop

    Mastered by @redredpaw aka Antony Ryan of Isan

    Released on @morr_music, a label whose artists I have listened to for a long time, so it is really cool to be a part of that!

    Thank you @thorarinnjohannsson for making all the visuals for this release.

    Press photos by @seanycinco

    Waves in the press photos were drawn by @mitaonpunk

    The music video for ”River Park/Sleeping Pill” is on YouTube, link in bio.

    I want to thank my love @mkel_t for supporting me along the whole process of making this album.

    Lastly I want to thank every one of you who is reading this or supporting in any way, all of your support means so much to me ❤️

    The album is now out there both digitally and as a vinyl, go check it out 🤙🏽🌊🎶🛹🍻🙏🎉🎹😎



    Order vinyl

    All links on:

  3. Song of the day at Addict-Culture

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    Hallway Waverider is the song of the day at Addict-Culture. Merci beacoup!

    See the mention HERE.

  4. Random photos from -97 and -98.

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    Random photos from -97 and -98. 1-2 from Maamerkki, HKI. The third pic kinda looks like a kickflip but it is just a sloppy ollie. 4, I was recording my demos onto simple cassette recorders due to lack of anything else.

    New album out next week Friday!!


  5. Groove Magazine mention

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    “The Swede Mikko Singh alias Haleiwa hides his songs designed for greatness and euphoria behind a washed-out lowest-fi production. But the sound laundry room can’t hide the fact that Hallway Waverider (Morr, 25 November) offers grandiose surf pop, delicate electronic soft psychedelia and full-blown indie rock stompers. Smells Like Teen Spirit.” (Google translate from German).
  6. Buscadero review

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    “Yet another open-eyed dream in which celestial melody and layers of synth and distortion are mixed together in beautiful wave settings. A must hear! Grazie mille to Buscadero for the great review of the new album!