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    Working with finishing new songs with lyrics and vocals for a 2021 release. Drum recordings will start in a couple of weeks. #morrmusic
  2. Interview in P4 Sveriges Radio

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    My interview on the radio show Popula was aired today on P4 Sveriges Radio. You can listen to the interview here. The show will also be aired tomorrow 27/6 at 20:00 and 29/6 at 19:03 on Sveriges Radio Finska.

  3. Show cancelled, new recordings

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    Still shot by Maderaphotography from our show at Larry’s Corner last year. We miss playing live! Kinda sucks to not be able to. The show at Bongo Bar 13/6 is cancelled. But I am recording new songs. Most recordings go into the dumpster after a couple of days but some are becoming candidates for being on the next album. Takes time to make music that I like for more than a week. But for me, writing music is about trial and error and to try all of your ideas. Eventually some good ideas will come by. #tb#live#recordingmusic#morrmusic