Rockerilla review

“Haleiwa is the musical project of Mikko Singh, Swedish artist now in his fourth recording effort in his career. Hallway Waverider is out again for Morr Music, the historic Berlin label that has always been attentive to the various hybridizations of electronica and indie-pop. If the previous Cloud Formations had sanctioned the departure from the musical creed centered only on the guitar to explore new sonic directions contaminated by silicon, this new work consolidates the melodic changes in an elegantly organic way. The ten tracks in the lineup combine dream-pop rarefactions, slight garage streaks and electronic pulsations, all rigorously according to low fidelity aesthetics. Dreamy atmospheres smooth the angles of the melodies immersed in cascades of synths, giving a strong nostalgic aftertaste to the entire work. The disc shows a remarkable compositional freshness, offering shoegaze episodes like Low Heaven that soften the heart, the motorik glimpses of pieces like Halulu Lake and River Park/Sleeping Pill, and passing through the final track that gives the album its name with melodies that they seem suspended between dreaming and waking. Without loud clamors Hallway Waverider is a perfect fit between ecstasy and bedroom, dormant emotions and suspended anxieties. A great album, highly recommended. Dream melodies.” – Google translate from Italian.

Thank you for the great review, Rockerilla!