Sodapop Webzine review

Grazie mille Sodapop Webzine for the nice review!
“Distant, robotic and glacial voices, wavering and decisive rhythms. The fourth album of the project led by the Swedish Mikko Singh continues on the route of what was produced in the past. Thunderstruck at a young age, he begins a journey that leads him to experiment with neo-classical digressions, influences from garage, surf, embraces the fuzz and psychedelic world. The amount of sound expressed is remarkable, the music has an enveloping volume and moves above all in dream pop temptations (the voice, the guitar, the colors) the rest is pure bells and whistles but it makes history and fruition travel. One would almost imagine him surrounded by marshmallows, sugary and light, moving slowly in mid-air. However, when he steps on the accelerator, as in Watered Down for example, a sort of magic happens: the shot is colorful and vaporous, absolutely irresistible in its lightness. This is how it goes, in a well-dosed shipwreck, listening to Mikko’s voice, Slower, faster, like the waves, like skateboards. All is well, Mikko seems to be saying to his teenage self. Maybe it’s even just a dream, when in doubt we try to stand dancing on the table above the groove.” – Google translate from Italian.