Radio RapTz

“Crossroads” was aired on the French Radio RapTz, big thanks! Haleiwa will play live on August 8th in Snotty Seaside in Stockholm so be sure no to miss it!

Tracklisting “Ze mix”, Radio RapTz, 12th July (12-1PM)

Farai National Gangsters (Lyzza Remix)
91Drama Silver Smashing
Drahla Gilded Cloud
Surfbort Billy
Heavy Lungs Jealous
Asthmatic Astronaut Hello Sunshine
Beak> We Can Go
Haleiwa Crossroads
Is Bliss Belong
Thank Think Less
Black Midi 953
Meursault Jenifer
Temple Of Angels Breathless
Hide Mommy
Delicate Boys Big Shot
Death Bells Life Stands Still
Salami Rose Joe Louis Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)