1. Wall Of Blue Sky 7″

  2. Shaka ­čĄÖ­čĆŻ New music coming soon.

  3. Svante has hereby nailed all of the drums for the new record.

    #haleiwamusic #newalbumsoon

  4. Recording

    Recorded vocals today, finishing one more song. A few more to finish before final mixing. New album coming! #tascam388 #morrmusic

  5. Drum recordings

    Good vibes in the studio, recording drums for the new album with @swantthing

  6. Working with finishing new songs with lyrics and vocals for a 2021 release. Drum recordings will start in a couple of weeks. #morrmusic
  7. Recording

    Working on a new album. Photo by Mikaela Tyrv├Ąinen.

  8. Interview in P4 Sveriges Radio

    My interview on the radio show Popula was aired today on P4 Sveriges Radio. You can listen to the interview here. The show will also be aired tomorrow 27/6 at 20:00 and 29/6 at 19:03 on Sveriges Radio Finska.

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