1. New album update


    The new Haleiwa album is almost done. The result so far is 9 songs, 10 b-sides and 50+ unfinished sketches. Expect a release in some form (DL, 7″, EP or 12″) in the near future.

  2. New album

    IMG_4304Haleiwa is about halfway through an album writing process. I am aiming to release a LP in early 2018.

  3. Blaskan review

    Swedish blog Blaskan reviews Palm Trees Of The Subarctic:

    “Sagor, drömmar och fantasiriken föds i HALEIWAs musik. Ja det blir riken bortom våra sinnen. Ja sådana små tankar hinner jag med att forcera medan musiken formar min själ. Det är en i stort sett fantatisk skiva att lyssna på som blir en resa genom magin”.

  4. Jambase review

    Review of the Haleiwa LP by Jambase: “The main focus here is the beautiful acoustic guitar playing: gorgeous, inventive overlapping melodies that evoke the warmth and sunshine you’re longing for right now. This was one of my favorites of 2015…”

  5. Independent Clauses review

    “Haleiwa’s unique blend of sounds puts it in the same league as The Album Leaf, Teen Daze, and Grandaddy, but different from each of those. Palm Trees of the Subarctic is an exciting work that should be celebrated”.

    Review of Palm Trees Of The Subarctic by Independent Clauses.

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