Hello friends, this is the home of Haleiwa - musical project from Stockholm, Sweden.

I was sitting near the beach in Jeffrey's bay, South Africa, playing with my guitar when Natali and Sonwabisi, two South Africans started playing with me. I didn't know them, but we started jamming. I picked out some chords I like, and my new friends filled in with their stuff. Sonwabisi sang in the language of Xhosa. That was the best jam of my life. The sun was shining and we heard the ocean and the crickets in the background. I will never forget that moment. Three souls with different paths, united into a song on a beautiful beach with the powerful forces of nature in the background. Let's treat each other like brothers and sisters, just like Sonwabisi and Natali treated me like their brother. Peace and love.


17/11 -14

Blog and indie radio

Swedish blog Being Blogged writes about Wall Of Blue Sky.

Wall Of Blue Sky was also played on Australian indie radio on November 4th and a Greek web radio show

5/11 -14

New gig

Haleiwa is going to play a gig together with The Grand Opening 26/11 at Fritz's Corner, Lilla Hotellbaren in Stockholm. Check out the event here

25/10 -14

The Grand Opening

My friend John Roger Olsson's band The Grand Opening deserves a larger audience. Here you can download their EP from 2005, great stuff. Beautiful pop music. Four albums have been released on the German label Tapete Records, available on vinyl, CD and on Spotify. Check it out!

17/10 -14

Piano album

While Haleiwa is waiting for the 7" vinyls to arrive from the pressing plant, I have now finished a full length piano album that I have been working on for some time. It consists of ten songs with only acoustic piano together with some sparingly used acoustic instruments. Hereis a teaser from a tune called "Wave". Elin Pöllänen played the violin today on two of the songs on the album.

Hereis a picture from the release show at Landet.

10/10 -14

Release show and spotify

Thank you Landet and everyone who showed up at the Haleiwa release show yesterday! Unfortunately the 7" vinyls have not yet arrived due to some delay at the vinyl pressing plant. Sunstone Records are working on this and hopefully the vinyls will arrive soon, I will keep you updated.

Now you can listen to "Wall Of Blue Sky" on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes.

21/9 -14


Now you can hear the B-side "Harbour" from the 7" vinyl "Wall Of Blue Sky" on Soundcloud.

14/9 -14

Wall Of Blue Sky music video

I am happy to present Haleiwa's new music video for "Wall Of Blue Sky". Big thanks to José Eduardo Barrios Sotillo for filming, directing and editing this music video, and Robert Piirainen and Johan Nordlund for participating in it.

The release party will be held at Landet in Stockholm 9th October!

26/8 -14

Haleiwa Updates

The pre-orders for the 7" vinyl are now available through Sunstone Records! The mastered version of Wall Of Blue Sky can be heard here.

The release of the 7" has been delayed due to long production times at the vinyl pressing plant. But now the date has been set to 9th October and the release party will be held at Landet in Stockholm 9th October, so be sure to be there!

The music video for Wall Of Blue Sky is in the final stages of editing, so stay tuned, it will be up in a couple of weeks. The Haleiwa website will also be totally reconstructed in the near future.

10/7 -14

Music video

We recorded a music video for "Wall Of Blue Sky" two days ago. To see some pictures from the filming of the video, check out Haleiwa's Facebookpage, and don't forget to like Haleiwa on Facebook. The video will be released prior to the release of the 7" vinyl. Stay tuned.

28/6 -14

Haleiwa release

The 7" vinyl entitled "Wall Of Blue Sky" will be released on 29/8 and the release party will be held at Landet in Stockholm, check out the announcement on Landet's webpage.

Haleiwa has been rehearsing with a full band for the release gig. A music video will also be made for "Wall Of Blue Sky" prior to the release.

22/6 -14


Yesterday Haleiwa was featured in Flat Ed's Popcast with other bands from Sun Stone Records and other labels. You can hear Haleiwa's previously unreleased B-side entitled "Stay Far Away" at 1:36 here

3/6 -14

August release

The 7" vinyl has been delayed until August. Lately Haleiwa has been rehearsing with a full band for the release gig. I will also mix the solo piano album I recorded last year in the coming days.

10/5 -14

Haleiwa signs with sun stone records

I am proud to announce that Haleiwa has signed with the British record label Sun Stone records. A 7" vinyl entitled "Wall Of Blue Sky" will be released in June. To see Haleiwa's artist profile and to hear the A-side of the 7", click here

29/4 -14

June release

The 7" vinyl is planned to be released in June, I will keep you updated on the details.

19/4 -14

B-side done

Yesterday I finished my work with the B-side of the 7" vinyl.

4/4 -14

7" vinyl

I am currently working on a new song that will be featured on a 7" vinyl that will be released in the end of May/beginning of June. A song from the album will be the A side of the vinyl and this song will be on the B side of it. I will go to the studio tomorrow to record the drums. After that I will record the vocals and the song will be done. Stay tuned.

8/3 -14

Album finished

I finished my work with the new album yesterday. Elin Pöllänen played the violin on the last track and we recorded it this past week. The last days have consisted of mixing the album and now it's done. The album consists of 10 songs. Expect a spring/summer 2014 release friends.

9/2 -14

Drum recordings

The making of the new Haleiwa album has taken way longer than I expected. At the same time I am happy for that as the album has really taken new proportions and it sounds now according to my vision of the album. I took a break from the recordings in December and traveled to Buenos Aires, met some really good people there who gave me inspiration for new songs.

A friend of mine named Petter played the drums on two songs in december. I went to the studio yesterday and played the drums on a new song. I will replace most of the drums I have recorded with drums played with a drumset. That will take a couple of weeks. I have ten songs for the album, just need to record the drums and make some additional recordings and then the album is finished. The album will consist of ten songs. I am stoked to be in the final stages of the making of this project that I have been working on for three years. Stay tuned.

3/12 -13


Dusted off my old Casio CZ5000 synthesizer this past weekend. It is huge and has some cool sounds in it. I plugged a delay pedal to it and started experimenting. I came up with a melody and added drums and guitars to it. This song is my new favourite on the new album. I decided to put some more time and experimenting into the new album. I am going to replace two of the songs I intended to have on the album with new songs.

17/11 -13


The past weeks have consisted of writing lyrics, singing vocals and mixing the new album. Two days ago my friend Elin Pöllänen played the violin on two of the songs, and it turned out well. I am sure you will hear about Elin in the future because she is very talented at what she does, both at playing the violin, singing and writing her own songs.

Tomorrow I will write one last lyric and sing the vocals for that song. Then I will do the last mixing of the whole album which will take a couple of days. The new album consists of 12 songs. Soon my friends, soon the album is 100% done and soon I will also do a music video for one of the songs. I will keep you updated.

27/10 -13


Hello friends. The new Haleiwa album has 12 songs now and I am currently mixing and adding vocals to some of the songs. I have been working a lot on this album for the past months and I have been thinking about this album for two years, so I am very happy that everything is finally coming together.

13/10 -13

New album almost done

I recorded a new song this weekend, and I am very happy with the result. The new song is almost the last song I need for the new Haleiwa album, so I am stoked. The style of the new song is super melodic dreamy tropical guitar pop. Now I have 12 songs that I will use for the new record. I only need to record one more song that I have already written. After that I will mix the songs and add some of the remaining vocals. Stay tuned.

By the way, the Swedish fall has been great so far, a lot of sun and skateboarding in Observatorielunden, my favourite skatespot in Stockholm. Life is good. Have a great day friends.

23/8 -13

Creative and productive times

Hello friends. Today I recorded guitars for a new song which I think will be good. It took me the whole day to record the guitars. I took a 3 hour break to go skateboarding in the evening and returned to the studio after that to record the rest of the guitar work. Tomorrow I will add other instruments: drums, base guitar, shakers etc.

I am pretty stoked that the new album is taking form. Only one or two songs are needed before the album is finished. I am determined to finish this album in the next months so I am spending nearly all of my time for writing and recording Haleiwa songs.

14/8 -13


I have been working on a 5 minute dreamy song for a while and I like how it is turning out. It is more vocal based than other Haleiwa songs. The new album will be a mix of tropical and dreamy songs, both instrumental but mostly songs with vocals.

The Swedish summer has been great so far, a lot of swimming and skateboarding for my part. Now it is time to get productive with the music again, and I am planning on getting the new Haleiwa album done this fall. Stay tuned.

23/6 -13

Tropical vibes

Recorded a new song this weekend. Dreamy tropical vibes. I will write and record the vocals soon. The new Haleiwa album is taking form.

The "Kahalu´u" piano album is almost finished, I am just waiting for a friend of mine to play cello on a couple of songs. I will keep you updated.

26/5 -13

Recording again

I am back in Stockholm again. I have spent the last 2 months recording an album for a side project to Haleiwa, which is a solo piano album. The recordings are soon done, I only have one more song to record for that album. The artist name for this project is so far "Kahalu´u", which is, like Haleiwa, a place in Hawaii.

I have not been able to record new Haleiwa material for about 6 months. I was residing in Australia, Panama, Cuba and Hawaii, which on the contrary gave me a lot of inspiration for the new Haleiwa album. I have about half of the new Haleiwa album done. I will finish the Haleiwa album this summer.

8/12 -12


I am now residing in Melbourne, Australia for some time to come, and I have my studio equipment with me. Today I have been mixing the new album and also recording vocals for some of the songs. I am now working on 11 songs for the album.

20/10 -12

Day in the studio

I worked hard today on a new Haleiwa song for 13-14 hours, and now the instruments are recorded. I will write the lyrics this weekend and will also record the vocals soon. This new song is the hit song of the new album so far, it is the best song I have written. It is good, because I am very restrictive with my material and often throw away songs that don't last the test of time.

30/9 -12

Hearts No Static and updates

Hello friends! I have been working a lot lately with the new second album of my other band Hearts No Static The other members of the band are my friends Otto Johansson and John Roger Olsson. We are soon to be finished with all the recordings and the album will be done. Look out for an early 2013 release!

The new Haleiwa album is also taking shape. I have about 6-7 tracks that I am stoked on. I think the album will be released in late summer/autumn 2013.

29/7 -12

New song

This weekend I recorded a new song that I am very stoked on. It consists of acoustic guitars, some drums and harmonium. It is the best song on the upcoming album so far.

16/7 -12


Tsunehiro Sato, founder and boss of Haleiwa's record label Friend of Mine Records is currently in Stockholm visiting Haleiwa and Will Gambola Sing. We are having a great time enjoying our vacation and discussing the new releases of Haleiwa and Will Gambola Sing, and a Japan tour in 2013.

Will Gambola Sing will record their second full length album in august-september.

2/7 -12

Friends and updates

Sometimes an encounter with good people can inspire me to make music. That is what happened this past weekend when I met my friend Joel Edin (The Forest And The Trees) and a new friend Simon Andersson (Sad, Vibrant And The Power). These guys are great musicians, go check out their music Sad, Vibrant And The Power and this beautiful music video by The Forest And The Trees I got inspired and wrote and recorded a new song after meeting those guys. Another song is also on it's way to be created and recorded.

In case anyone is wondering what's going on with my new album, I can tell you this: I have been experimenting a lot and making different kind of songs. I have thrown away a lot of recordings that didn't sound good in the end. I have found back to the acoustic music which is essentially what Haleiwa's music is about. Therefore I am making a completely acoustic album, and I have gotten back the spark and fun in making music.

7/6 -12


A couple of days a friend of mine named Sofie played cello on two new songs. There will be more cello recording sessions for the new album.

2/6 -12

Recording times

The last weeks I have been living and breathing music only. A lot of time has been put into new recordings, and I'm stoked. I have been recording a bunch of acoustic guitar tunes with tropical melodies, also with depth in them. At the same time I am recording another new song with melodic electric guitar and drums. The album is taking shape.

I have also been playing guitar in my friends Roger and Otto's band Hearts No Static. We are recording our second album and are planning to be done with it by the end of the summer.

17/5 -12


A lot of songwriting and recordings has gone down the last month, and it has been an inspiring time. The new album still has a lot of work to be done until it is finished. I am thinking about music and the upcoming album almost all the time, and want to make it the best Haleiwa album up to date. The journey is the destination. This is also the epic time of the year when it is possible to skate in Observatorielunden in Stockholm, when the pool is not filled with water. It is a good mix to skateboard the whole day and record music in the night!

12/4 -12

New member to Haleiwa

Today Haleiwa was rehearsing with guitar player Otto Johansson (Hearts No Static, The Grand Opening) and it sounded epic if I may say that myself. Otto's nice Telecaster and the great riffs he plays is exactly the new contribution that Haleiwa needs. Soon we will plan for live shows. We will also jam together to write new material for the upcoming album.

21/3 -12

Havana Jammin

19/3 -12

New songs

I have been recording a lot of new material the past few weeks and it has turned out good. I am now working with 9-10 songs for the new album. Still it will take many more months before I am getting close to being finished with the music for this album. It is hard work but at the same time the best thing in the world.

21/2 -12

2012 updates

Hello friends! In January I traveled to Havana, Cuba for five weeks with an idea to play and record music with some Cuban musicians for the new Haleiwa album. I learned that it is true that everything is possible, if you really go for it: Already on the third day in Havana I met the right musician that led me to jam with his group. The group consists of four guys that play contrabass, piano, bongodrums and a Cuban instrument called Tres. We had a great time jamming for many days, several hours per session. It was really interesting and fun to play music with these guys, and sometimes it was hard to communicate due to my Spanish. We recorded three songs in a studio in Havana, that was also a great experience. That adds three new songs for the new Haleiwa album. I am very thankful to have been given this experience. We became good friends in the process of making music together, and this is so great that I will have to go to Cuba again someday to meet them.

Now that I am back in Stockholm I have started to record songs again. I just finished a new song this weekend. The new album is starting to take form. Haleiwa will start rehearsing soon in a full band set up with good old friends drummer Kristofer Brusdal and base player Robert Piirainen.

8/10 -11


The weather is getting colder here in Stockholm, which means it's time for making a lot of music. Three songs are now done for the upcoming Haleiwa album, which is planned to be released sometime around summer 2012. As I mentioned earlier the material is different now, different style and more song based. Also, me and the rest of Will Gambola Sing will start recording our next album in december, that will be fun.

21/7 -11

Haleiwa is back in production

Hello friends! I have taken a long break from making Haleiwa music after the release of "Pura Vida dude" in July 2010, in order to get new inspiration and a vision for a new album. I started recording a new song for Haleiwa about a month ago which is now finished and I will soon start recording another song. I am very pleased with the new song, so far the new material is darker, harder and faster but the good old Haleiwa style is still very present. Change is good. I have also upgraded my studio with new monitors and will soon buy a new spanish guitar for the production of the new album.

27/12 -10

Pura Vida dude available on Spotify!

Now everyone can listen to "Pura Vida dude" for free on Spotify! Enjoy the album by clicking here!

26/12 -10

Haleiwa review

Christopher from Series Two Records has written a review about Pura Vida dude, check it out here.

8/11 -10


Hello everyone! Observatorielunden is here after 1,5 months of filming and editing. Available in HD. Enjoy!

1/11 -10

Music video coming soon

I am working on a music video for the song "Observatorielunden". I have been filming a lot for the video, and I will soon be finished with the editing, so stay tuned, I will put up the link here when it is perfect!

24/9 -10


Hello friends! I am working on a music video for one of the songs on the new album "Pura Vida dude". I will let you know when it is finished. Also, me and my friends Alex, Petter, Anna and Jens are rehearsing for a live show sometime this fall. In Sweden the weather is getting colder, but I am enjoying these last sunny days to the fullest by skateboarding at Observatorielunden here in Stockholm, my all time favourite skatespot. I think the music video will be for the song "Observatorielunden". Stay tuned!

14/8 -10

Haleiwa interview

A Turkish blog called " Want An Ear" has made an interview with Haleiwa. Check it out here. Also, our label Friend of Mine Records announced that "Pura Vida dude" is sold out at Tower records in Yokohama, Japan! Great news!

5/8 -10

Review and distribution

Hello friends! It is now possible to buy "Pura Vida dude" from Norman Records in the UK, you can order it here. They are now distributing the album in the UK. Also, a webzine from USA called Audio Suede has reviewed "Pura Vida dude". You can read the review here.

26/7 -10

It's a trap!

Avi Roig at It's a trap received a copy of "Pura Vida dude" and has written his thoughts about it. You can read it here. You can also listen to a song called "Vibraandaman" by visiting the link to It's a trap. "Pura Vida dude" was released in Japan on 7th of July. If you wish to have a copy, send an e-mail to The prize is 100SEK/10EURO/12USD and that price includes postal service fees! Peace friends!

3/7 -10

Friend of Mine Records website update

Friend of Mine Records have updated my artist profile on their website. Also, one song that you may not have heard yet is streamed there. Click on album info on the Haleiwa artist profile, and you can listen to a new song called "Coffee Bay". Go to Friend of Mine Records website by clicking here.

19/6 -10

Listen to new song

Friend of Mine Records have put up a new song called "Observatorielunden" on their myspace. You can also see the artwork for the album here.

7/6 -10

Album at the factory

The album is currently being pressed at the factory, and Friend of Mine Records will receive it in about a week!

25/5 -10

Pura Vida dude

Now the record is 100 % finished, it is mastered and the artwork is ready, it will soon be sent to the factory for production. I am also proud to announce that it will be released in Japan by Friend of Mine Records! The release date is 7th of July 2010. Good times!

7/5 -10


Hello friends! The upcoming album entitled "Pura Vida dude" will be released on 7th of July. My friend Karl-Johan Svanström has made an amazing cover art for the album. Stay tuned, you will see it when the album comes out. Haleiwa also has a Facebook profile now, so get in there and check it out, I also added the final version of the opening track "Pura Vida dude" to the Haleiwa Facebook page. I have added some more vocals to the song.

8/4 -10

Jungle Choir Session #2

Yesterday we met up at Möre Studios and recorded more choirs to the album. The very talented Anna Ödlund sang on four of the songs, and it turned out great. To hear Anna's own terrific band Leonwalls, go here.

4/4 -10

Amazing weekend

This weekend has been so great, I have been skateboarding at my local spot Observatorielunden, and writing and recording a new song called "Tropical Punch" in the evenings and mornings. This new song is going to be added to the upcoming album "Pura Vida dude". Springtime has arrived in Stockholm!

24/3 -10

Will Gambola Sing album release

Today my other band Will Gambola Sing's debut album is released in Japan on Friend of Mine Records! For more information about the release, go to or Surf's up friends.

13/3 -10

Day at the studio

Today I was at Möre Studio with my friend John Roger Olsson and some other friends, and we recorded some choirs for a song on the upcoming album, it turned out really good. Me and John Roger also recorded a brand new song, which might also be in the new album as well. I am currently working on writing and recording one last song for the album, and this new song might be the one I am looking for!

28/2 -10

Haleiwa's music on The Berrics!

My friends at VA skateboards here in Stockholm have used my music in their online video that is currently online at For those that don't know what the Berrics is: It is a world famous website for skateboarding that pretty much all of the skateboarding world follows. It is founded by pro skaters Steve Berra and Eric Koston. So it's big!

This video is featured in a competition for the best foreign skatevideo, and VA skateboards video is on the list for final votable videos to win! So vote for the video. You can see it online here. Look for a video named VA under the YOUnited nations contest, it is on the first page on the website. Have fun!!

25/2 -10

Name change

Hello friends. I am changing the name of this musical project to Haleiwa. The new album entitled "Pura Vida dude" will be released under the artist name Haleiwa. This is a new decade. New visions and new inspiration!

19/2 -10

Album finished!! New song up!!

Today I finished my work with my new album entitled "Pura Vida dude". As I mentioned earlier I have been working on it since fall 2008, and to finish it today feels unreal. I have put all I have and all my best into this album and I am very pleased with the result. You can hear a song on myspace. Enjoy!

18/2 -10


My friend, fellow skateboarder and film producer Jonathan Volle has released his masterpiece "Obsession", which is a ten minute movie that captures 10 years of skateboarding in my favourite skatespot Observatorielunden in Stockholm. This movie is a pure masterpiece. I have skated this spot since 1999. I can recommend this movie for everyone to watch, even if you don't skate, because this is art! You can watch the movie online here.

I also want to give my love to the location and legendary skatespot Observatorielunden, so I have named one song on my upcoming album after it. By the way I am 99 % done with my new album. Just some last finishing needs to be done before I will call it ready, I am stoked about that!

6/2 -10

New inspiration

It really pays off to wait with music until it is just like you want it. I gave my new album some more time this winter, I almost considered it done in december last year, but now it has gotten even better since then. I have been in a tropical country getting some new inspiration and sounds for the finishing of the album. I am really stoked on this album, I have been working on it since 2008. Patience and perfectionism is a good thing when you are making an album.

I will let you hear some new songs soon, stay tuned. Peace and freedom, friends!

9/12 -09

Album update again

Hello! I am almost finished with the new album, but I want it to be PERFECT before I can consider it done, and this takes some time. The last three days I worked about 10-11 hours a day with the songs, polishing my diamonds! So anyone wondering when it will be done I can just say it will be done when I dig every part of it. Peace friends.

8/12 -09


A few days ago I watched a documentary called Sharkwater, it showed how man hunts and kills hundreds of millions of sharks every year, and that sharks will be extinct if we carry on doing this. The main reason for this hunting is to cut off the fins to make soup of it, it is considered a luxury meal in Asia. Sharks are very important for the oceans as a top predator, and without sharks the marinal ecosystem would collapse. Hearing this makes me even stronger in being a vegetarian and thereby living a life of non-violence. For more information on how to save sharks go to

19/11 -09

New record soon finished!

Hello friends! I have been working a lot lately with my upcoming album, and I am happy to announce that it is soon finished. I will go to the studio tomorrow to work on the songs. I will let you hear a couple of tunes soon. Stay tuned.

19/9 -09

Epic Saturday

Today it was 20 degrees Celsius and a shining sun! I was skateboarding the whole day, met a bunch of good old friends, and I had the best time. In the evening I wrote and recorded a new song for the upcoming album. Stoked!

12/9 -09

Skateboard documentary

In August I got in touch with a cool guy named David McClymonds, a skateboarder and freelance journalist from the United States. He was in Stockholm making a documentary about the Stockholm skateboarding scene and wanted me to participate in it. He came by my house one day to film, check out my instruments and to talk about music and skateboarding. Many friends and other people that I know in Stockholm are participating in the film. He is also using my music in the opening and closing section. You can watch the documentary here.

1/9 -09

Short holiday

I spent the last four days in a house in the woods of southern Sweden, and I had my studio with me along with some instruments. I had time to listen through all of my new material and had time to make new recordings. It was a great way to get new inspiration and to make music. I could easily spend a whole summer there, just playing music, swimming in lakes and bathing in the sauna!

24/8 -09

Album update

My new album is in the works right now, I have about half of the album done. The style of the new material is a bit different to my previous music, and I am very pleased with the new songs. I will put up a tune or two when I'm closer to finishing my work with the album. Stay tuned friends!

18/8 -09

Go vegetarian

I have been thinking a lot lately about meat consumtion and the effect it has on the environment, the animals and our own health. I have been a vegetarian for 11 years. I recently saw a movie called "Home 2009", it is a nature movie filmed from above earth. It shows the earth's beauty, but also the destructive effect of us humans living in it. I can really recommend it, you can watch the movie online here. It is not too late to make an effort to save our planet!

7/7 -09

Japan promotion

My friends at Friend of Mine records in Japan have put up my latest album for free download on their website

10/5 -09

New recordings

I have recorded some new tracks for the upcoming album which will probably be finished sometime after this summer.

13/04 -09

Hello friends!

I am currently enjoying the nice spring weather, and getting some inspiration for my fourth album. I have already recorded some songs, and more is to come soon!


Wall Of Blue Sky 7"

7" vinyl released 9/10 2014 on British labelSunstone Records The vinyl is available for purchase Here Buy it on iTunes Listen on Spotify Music video for Wall Of Blue Sky

haleiwa fronthemsida.jpg Artist: Haleiwa
Title: Wall Of Blue Sky
Label: Sunstone Records

Track list:

  1. Wall Of Blue SkyListen
  2. HarbourListen

Pura Vida dude

Haleiwa album released 7/7 2010 on Friend Of Mine Records The album was recorded between late 2008 and the spring of 2010. Recorded at Haleiwa studio and one track at Möre studio. Additional contributors are Anna Ödlund, John Roger Olsson, Jens Pettersson and Tobias Hurtig. Artwork by Karl-Johan Svanström. Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Masters of Audio. The album is available for purchase from Friend Of Mine Records in Japan. You can also purchase mp3:s from iTunes If you want to listen to the whole album go to Spotify It is also possible to buy the record for 100SEK if you send an e-mail to

haleiwa logo.jpg Artist: Haleiwa
Title: Pura Vida dude
Label: Friend Of Mine Records

Track list:

  1. Pura Vida dude
  2. Coffee Baydownload
  3. Vibraandaman
  4. Lifelong
  5. Two Dolphins Came By To Say "Hello!"
  6. Observatorielundendownload
  7. Venao Diving Pelicans
  8. Jungle Salsa
  9. Tropical Punch
  10. West Of The Pacific
  11. Corcovado
  12. Pilgrim
  13. Panu
  14. Tarkoitusta Ajatellen (remix)

2008 Album

This album was recorded during July 2007 - July 2008, and is mostly instrumental. Very many instruments were used in the making of this album. I used sitar and harmonium a lot on this album, along with the rest of my circa 35-40 instruments. Inspired by the tropics, and also my other home country India. Enjoy. Skate for life! Album review on It's a trap!

new album - Uskotko että siellä on kukkia? Artist: Haleiwa
Title: Uskotko että siellä on kukkia?

Track list:

  1. Laodi Majra download
  2. Koti rannalla download
  3. Hengellinen herääminen download
  4. Ihmeitä tapahtuu maailmassa download
  5. Heka ja minä download
  6. Iloitkaamme download
  7. Auringonlasku merellä download
  8. Kerran asuin trooppisella saarella download
  9. Paikka jota me kutsumme taivaaksi download

First album

This is Haleiwa's first album, recorded during December 2005 - September 2006. It is a blend between acoustic and electronic ambient sounds.

Näin Elämän Suuruuden Artist: Haleiwa
Title: Näin Elämän Suuruuden

Track list:

  1. Tarkoitusta ajatellen download
  2. Paljon enemmän download
  3. Minkälaista pilvien päällä on? download
  4. Iloinen aika download
  5. Rauha download
  6. Maailma download
  7. Toivo download
  8. Ei nimeä eikä sanoja download
  9. Sinun tie download
  10. Näin elämän suuruuden download


Haleiwa is a band from Stockholm, Sweden that is led by Mikko Singh. The music is experimental indiepop with influences from different musical traditions. Musical references are the likes of Buena Vista Social Club, Tortoise, Unwed Sailor, The Appleseed Cast and Jack Johnson.

Haleiwa has been making music since 2005, and the style has evolved on every record, from the first record with a lot of electronic sounds to mostly instrumental world music with exotic instruments like the sitar and the kora, to more tropical vibes on the album named "Pura Vida dude". In 2010 Haleiwa signed with the Japanese record label Friend Of Mine Records. Haleiwa is currently working on their upcoming full length album that is planned to be released in 2015.

Band members:

  • Mikko Singh


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